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1 Simple Way to Avoid Burnout When You Work from Home

If you love working from home so you can set your own hours, you’ve probably already learned the other side of the setting-your-own-hours coin: When you can work any time, it's easy to work all the time, which can lead to burnout, isolation, fatigue, and depression. But I’ve got 1 simple change you can add to your routine to avoid burnout when you work from home.

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Say "Yes"

Do you have trouble saying "no?" Are you a people-pleaser? Have trouble keeping enough time for your own priorities? Here are 3 Questions to ask yourself before you say "yes" to know if a project is worth your time and effort.

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July Resource Roundup: Should You Bother Learning That New Skill?

If you are anything like me (a multi-passionate creative type), you collect new knowledge and hobbies like others collect credit card rewards points. You may be like me and want to learn new things, but before you're great at that new thing, you're ready to move on and learn something else!

If so, here's two great resources from July, both on the same topic. I recommend reading both because they each have individual takeaways.

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