July Resource Roundup: Should You Bother Learning That New Skill?


If you are anything like me (a multi-passionate creative type), you collect new knowledge and hobbies like others collect credit card rewards points. You may be like me and want to learn new things, but before you're great at that new thing, you're ready to move on and learn something else!

If so, here's two great resources from July, both on the same topic. I recommend reading both because they each have individual takeaways.

1. "Top Ten Strategies for Learning New Skills" by Fahreen Gani from Zapier

Though the article isn't chock-full of brand-new information, I appreciate the reminders (particularly about making information meaningful in order to remember it--telling ourselves stories really helps information stick!)

2. "The 4 Keys to Learning Anything" by Leo Babauta in Zen Habits

Oh, yeah, that's the stuff. Leo starts out with the bad feelings that often accompany learning new skills or information: the feeling over being overwhelmed, the fear of failure. The article ends by flipping all of those negative feelings upside down and showing the benefit of each and how to be gentle with ourselves as we learn. 

And, the paradox:

Earlier in the month, I downloaded a few language training apps. My husband is always trying to learn new languages and I'm always *wishing* I spoke better French. So I downloaded some new apps and decided to keep at it.

Then I read this article by Jenny Marchal in Lifehack. In it, Marchal describes the goal lists that Warren Buffett recommends and it breaks down like this:

  1. Make a list of your top 25 life goals

  2. Think about which goals are the most important to you. Go through your list of 25 and cross off the ones that are less important to you until you have 5 goals remaining. These are your REAL goals.

  3. Concentrate only on those 5. Spend your time on those 5 and none of the others.

And I get what he's saying: those of us who are always wanting to learn or do something new can have a hard time focusing on what's important. So I wrote my list of goals and you know what didn't make it to the top five? Learning better French.

Sure, it may be on that list of 25 goals. And maybe someday it will even be in the top 5. But right now, it's not. So let it go! I feel better already.

What about you? If you've found an article or anything else that has been on your mind through the month, share it with the other Gentlewomen! Et merci!

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