First, think about a time in your life when you felt WAY too busy. Maybe you had toddlers running around. Maybe your business was starting to take off and you couldn’t quite keep up with your clients’ needs. Maybe you just said “yes” to too many things. Remember how that felt. Were you tense? Was your sleep interrupted? Were you more on-edge than usual? How creative were you during this period?

Now, think back to a period of your life when you felt like your time was balanced. How was your outlook then? Do you remember feeling more hopeful? More creative?

What happens when you go from being overworked to finding balance? You regain the mental energy and emotional capacity to be creative again. To dig deep in your work. To think about something beyond just surviving the week. That sounds so nice, right?

And apparently (if you’re me), you also find yourself with a block of time over a holiday weekend that you use to plan out the next year-and-a-half of your business. Because you suddenly want to. Because you have the energy to. And because you happen to be the kind of person who enjoys planning (or maybe that’s just me.)

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A little more than a year ago, I was working 3 jobs (alongside all my other parenting and volunteering responsibilities). I was drained. I was stressed. And I had NO energy for creativity, for planning, or for any of those big projects that require a lot of mental energy. If that is the space you’re in right now, I understand because I’ve been there.

Now I’m working ONE job on my terms. I have a roster of clients who I LOVE. And I have space in my brain again for something beyond just surviving the week.

Believe me when I say that doing what you need to do in order to get back to a sustainable work load is SO WORTH IT.

Maybe that “thing” you need to do to regain your creative spark right now is to get help in your business. If you’re overwhelmed and you have a million thoughts all competing for space in your brain, how much better would it feel to work with a professional project planner who can take all of those thoughts and organize them into a clear, actionable plan? Someone who can look at your actual available work time and help you craft a schedule that allows you to get everything done in a way that feels freeing and full of ease? If that’s the thing you need right now to get that creative sparkle back in your life, I’ve got you covered. Just contact me here and let’s get started.