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Call them SOPs, Processes, Instructions, How-Tos, Walkthroughs…

No matter what you call them, they’re a MESS.

(I’m telling you this because I love you.)

  • They’re scattered everywhere you work, wasting valuable time whenever you need to find them (“I thought I made these instructions before… where are they?!“).
  • You end up re-writing (or re-recording) instructions every time you delegate work because it feels easier… and you’re not even sure those instructions are up-to-date, anyway.
  • You avoid looking at (or thinking about) the back-end operations of your business because no one LIKES spending time in chaos, Susan.

This FREE Operations Organizer will help you:

  • Organize your business processes into one easy-to-find place (no matter where they live in the cloud… and even if you haven’t made them yet)
  • Create a simple structure for your business systems that can apply to the tools you’re already using
  • Prep your business for future challenges (like when a team member gets sick or you need to hire, like, yesterday)
  • Create an easy and consistent process for keeping all of your business docs up-to-date


The bonus How-To Template makes sure you’re giving your team all the information they need to confidently implement your work (more clarity + fewer questions + fewer interruptions + better quality)

I’m Kate Hutcheson of The Efficient/Creative

Project manager, Certified Dubsado Specialist, and certified Online Business Manager helping coaches, designers, writers, marketing experts, and creative women service providers of all types since 2018.

I’m the process-minded creative who wants to bring order to your scattered service business.

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