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Planning, processes, & productivity for creative women entrepreneurs

Helping your service-based business
serve YOU better

Hi, I'm Kate.

I put things in order.

Things like your business, your to-do lists, your launch plans, your systems & processes.

I mean, yes I am a Project Manager (since 2014). And I was certified as an Online Business Manager in 2020 and became a Certified Dubsado Specialist in 2021.

But I don't do just one of any of those things. Like you, I'm a creative, multipassionate business owner. I use a combination of skills and expertise to help business owners plan more precisely, break down systems to build better ones, and solve complex, multi-faceted problems.

I'm a process mapper, systems nerd, and productivity mentor for creative women in online business.


Here’s what I know about you.
You’re a great business owner. Even if…

staying focused and following through is a challenge (due to ADHD, shiny object syndrome, or demands of non-work life).

planning the details is not your strong suit (you’re a big-picture, visionary thinker).

working 80 hours a week is so not happening. (Who gives a crap what “Joe MBA” says every entrepreneur must do?)

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Let me ask you a question.

How would running your business every day feel different if you could…

  • Streamline and automate your client onboarding so details stop falling through the cracks?
  • Have your next event planned down to the particulars so the whole team knows exactly what to do and when (and all you had to do was show up?)
  • Regain momentum and confidently reach your goals (yes, even you, neurodivergent business owner) with a customized strategy designed to work with your unique needs?
This is where I come in

designing processes, building systems, and planning strategies for a service business that serves you, too.

Which solution fits your needs?
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 UNSTUCK: Planning & Productivity for the rest of us

Make your big business visions a reality (in a way that works with your actual time, energy, and unique brain.) Goal-based planning + accountability and consulting with a professional who understands your unique challenges. 

Dubsado Setup Services and Workflow Strategy

Automate and organize your client management and communication so nothing falls through the cracks.
I offer done-for-you Dubsado setup, workflow-building, and Dubsado training in an easy VIP Day.