You spend the bulk of your time and energy on your creative business, but if you're like most creative professionals, there are still projects that fall through the cracks, plans that don't materialize, and work that piles up.

Worst of all, there are clients you can't schedule because you're spending too much time on administration and not enough time on the work that pays the bills.

That's where I come in. I free you up to do your best work and, you know, actually GROW YOUR BUSINESS. 


I'm Kate Hutcheson, a professional project manager and virtual assistant. I'm a unique combination of Left Brain and Right Brain; Efficiency AND Creativity.

I have over 10 years of experience in helping both small business owners and corporations get more clients, tackle complex projects, and produce stellar content.

I speak your creative language, but bring a strategically-minded sense of organization to every project.

I'm your "make it happen" professional, a virtual sidekick for your creative business. I excel in listening to the big ideas, then creating the step-by-step plans that bring your ideas to life.