Launch Management and Virtual Assistant Services for Creative Entrepreneurs

OK, for real. Running a business is hard.

I’m here to help make it easier

(and a little more fun).

You started your business to pursue your passion, but now that you’re preparing for a new launch you’re reminded of how much needs to happen before you can get to the good stuff! You know what you want to be doing (providing services or products that make your heart sing!) but the nitty-gritty of getting there is a total drag, massive time-suck, and destroying your momentum, energy, and sparkle.

Being a creative entrepreneur likely means you thrive in “big picture” conversations and have the amazing capacity to make real change/deliver real rewards for your clients. So, how frustrating is it that while you’re busy trying to work your magic, things like schedule maintenance, growing “To-Do” lists, and project management demand your attention, too? Launching a new offer is rarely a clean “Ready, Set, Go!” situation, and checking off each and every task that makes it possible for you to launch (and make that money!) can be intimidating.




I'm Kate Hutcheson, a Project Manager and Virtual Assistant with 10 years of professional experience helping small business owners and corporations reach their business goals. I want to help you have more time for the work you love.


Project planning and Virtual Assistance services

  • 100% customized project planning

  • experienced and trustworthy admin, design, and tech support

As The Efficient/Creative, I work with passionate female entrepreneurs who are struggling to launch because they feel disorganized, spread too thin, and like there just aren’t enough hours in the day/week/month to make it happen. I’m equal parts virtual assistant and project manager here to keep you on track — minus the pressure, *plus* the fun.

Enough fussing with those pre-made launch calendars that don’t work for your real life. Instead, let me provide tailored time management solutions so that you can maintain your enthusiasm for your passion-based business (and so your family stops referring to you as "that woman who sleeps here and works on her computer!")

By working one-on-one with you, I help you design and implement a custom launch plan around your availability, your specific challenges, and your unique services.

Stop missing your deadlines.

Here’s how you can get your business organized so that you spend less time in launch mode and more time helping clients.


Craft Your Custom Launch


One-time project-planning intensive


This offer will leave you with a shiny launch blueprint that clearly identifies each and every step required to get your launch up and running.

We will meet one time for a stress-free virtual 3-hour planning intensive that will include:

  • Organizing your thoughts and deliverable to calm the mental clutter

  • Strategizing on what your individual launch needs to truly succeed

  • Identifying the specific action items required to make it happen easily

  • Crafting a deadline-based calendar to keep you on track & maintain momentum

  • Professional support as your sounding board to quiet the frenzy and keep the good mojo flowing!

You will leave our session with a crystal clear, completely customized launch calendar and a stress-free itemized “To-Do” list that will ensure your launch is a huge success.

This package is perfect for business owners who need to organize their workflow or small teams who are looking to assign/delegate assignments and tasks.




Hit a snag along the way (don’t worry- it happens!) Along with our planning intensive, you’ll also get one floating “Help!” troubleshooting call with me. Schedule it when you get stuck and I’ll help you get unstuck and keep your momentum going. *Subject to my availability

Need more help to…



  • get strategic feedback THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE PROJECT?

The Love Your Launch Masterplan brings a professional Project Manager to your team for the life of your project so you maintain momentum, clarity, and enthusiasm.


Love Your Launch Masterplan


Planning and personal implementation support through the life of your project

You’ll get the same 3-hour launch planning intensive, plus:

  • Weekly emails that highlight your priority tasks for that week, clarify your short term goals, and help you stay on track. You’ll know exactly what to focus on each day to get those big results without the exhaustive effort.

  • Two 30-min monthly calls so we can tackle any obstacles that have popped up and smooth out lingering questions or concerns.

When you sign up for this package, we will clarify, design, and implement your own custom launch calendar. That means not only will you know exactly what needs to be done and when, but you will also have me there supporting you through each step, keeping you accountable and ensuring all task items are completed.

Together, we’ll bust you through any annoying roadblocks (even the ones that trip you up every time!) and you’ll be able to spend more time doing the work that lights you up and brings in more of your ideal clients.

This package is best for new entrepreneurs who are looking to master their launch process or seasoned business owners who have a repeated history of delayed or faulty launches.


 *My priority is to give all of my clients undivided and focused attention when we work together. In that spirit, I only offer two monthly spots for this package. If you know you have a large launch coming up, be sure to get on my calendar in advance so we can set you up to soar!

Kind words from clients 


"Kate saves my sanity as I run my business."

Kate is a super-multi-talented and versatile VA. There’s nothing she can’t do, and if you know you’re going to have different assistance needs, she’s the person to hire. Kate set up the entire flow and design for my online course. The course documents are beautiful and the client flow is easy and intuitive. She set up email funnels for me, automated my client communications, and automated my social media content. She gets all of it done so quickly, and the product is always quality. Kate saves my sanity as I run my business, since I can focus on the parts of the business that are fun for me (serving my clients) while she runs the back-end. What’s special about Kate is that she can fully organize the tech side of your business AND create aesthetically pleasing graphics and PDFs. And she’s a dream to work with.


"I could not have made it happen without her."

Kate helps me clarify my goals, brings new ideas and expertise to my project, and assists me in settings deadlines and tasks in a way that made a project that felt like a pipe dream into a reality. It is not an exaggeration to say that I could not have made it happen without her.


"She helped me not just plan…but helped me feel even more excited about my project."

I appreciated how enthusiastic Kate was about my project. She helped me not just plan my tasks and set deadlines, but helped me feel even more excited about my project. I would enthusiastically recommend this service to other creative entrepreneurs.


"Kate is top notch in both the image I want to create for my shop and in providing the service that I expect to be delivered."

Kate is top notch in both the image I want to create for my shop and in providing the service that I expect to be delivered. She looks for ways to improve my business, makes suggestions and doesn’t wait for me to give her directives as she takes the initiative herself. I wholeheartedly wish she could work for me full time!

Additional Project Management and Virtual Assistance Support

A little extra oomph in your business.

I also offer these additional Virtual Assistance and Project Management add-ons:

  • Bonus troubleshooting 1:1 phone calls

  • Task delegation and team management for your project

  • Virtual Assistant services including:

    • Copy editing/proofreading

    • Social Media formatting and scheduling (including blog posts & newsletters)

    • Outreach Research & Recommendations (for podcast/speaking engagements or media features)

    • Research & analysis

Need something else but don’t see it listed here? No worries, I’m certain I’ve done it before and can do it again for you. Just let me know by filling out the form below.

*Prices available upon request

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