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The Top 5 Forgotten To-Dos in Online Launches

The Top 5 Forgotten To-Dos in Online Launches

Forgotten tasks in a launch don’t just frustrate you and your team. They can literally cost you. These are the most common overlooked to-dos that I see in online launches. Add these tasks (and plenty of time for them!) in your next launch plan to start out ahead of the game.

You Need A Project Plan And Here’s Why

You Need A Project Plan And Here’s Why

If there is one professional piece of wisdom I can bestow upon my clients in this lifetime, let it be this: In order to be successful in your launch, you need a project plan. Sure, it’d be nice if you committed the “why” to memory (partly because I outline it so...


I’m Kate Hutcheson, a project manager and planning consultant for creative women entrepreneurs.

I have over 10 years’ experience helping both DIY solopreneurs and multi-6-figure earners get more clients, wrangle complex projects, and produce stellar content. I excel in listening to the big ideas, then creating the step-by-step plans that bring your ideas to life.


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