What Is A Business Launch? – The Nuts & Bolts Of Getting Your Offer Out There

What Is A Business Launch? – The Nuts & Bolts Of Getting Your Offer Out There


There’s no such thing as stupid questions, only fear-based insecurities that can sometimes come with your first business launch. Hey, it happens. Being a business owner or entrepreneur comes with a lot of firsts, and you might spend your first year(s!) reinventing all kinds of wheels over and over again. There will the challenges and problems that have obvious and easy solutions, and there will be things that are seemingly so simple that bog you down much longer than you anticipated. 

It’s ok, it’s part of the whole “being in charge” thing, and asking a question doesn’t make you stupid. It makes you smart. It means you are arming yourself with the information needed to make you stronger, better, more efficient, more creative… 

In this spirit, let’s answer one of the “stupid” questions I get all of the time: What is a business launch?

Hey — great question, I’m glad you asked. 

Here is the short, fast and dirty answer: A business launch is characterized by the action of putting anything new out into the world. It could be a new program, service, product, or the announcement of your business in its totality. Anytime you put a date on the calendar with the intention to “announce your new THING!,” that is your launch date. 

In all of my experience as a professional project manager, I’ve boiled down the four basic ingredients I think every launch should include to yield the greatest success. (Sure, have I seen people wing it before? Yup. Do I recommend it? Nope.) If you’re new to the business launching idea but know you have something to offer, grab your favorite note-taking tool. 

To set yourself up for a successful business launch, you will want these four things: 

  1. A clear, tangible goal, or what I like to call “the thing.” The more specific, the better! It must be something you can control and doesn’t rely on outside factors falling into place in order to become a reality. When identifying your goal, it should almost always include a verb! It will sound something like, “Finish my website redesign with new images, branding, and copy.” Or, “Open a group program for my ideal clients to xyz…”

  2. Clarity about what your “thing” is, and more specifically, how it’s going to work. You can’t launch something if you don’t know what it is, how people are going to get it, and how you’re going to give it to them! This requires planning up top and is where you will put the bulk of your energy in the beginning.

  3. An execution roadmap and game plan — This is the how. What are the task items required to make your launch real? As an example, if you’re launching a website, what are the pieces you need to assemble before it can go live? (Graphics, copywriting, logo?) The more detailed and clear you can get on your roadmap, the less unexpected challenges will pop up along your way to launching!

  4. A sense of the obstacles to come — Sure, this one is tricky if you’ve never launched before. How can you know what you don’t know, right? I hear ya, but there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for success. Try getting really honest with yourself about the pieces of your work that excite you and the parts that you know are energy sucks. For example, if you’re offering a group program but admin stuff isn’t your strong suit, set aside extra time in your roadmap to onboard your clients and get all of the information you will need from them. This way, you are full steam ahead when it’s time to get to the pieces of your offer that you love! 

The great news is, it’s really hard for a launch to flat-out fail. Once your “thing” is out there — you’ve launched, baby! Consider yourself in business! While there are loads of variables we can use to measure its success (like positive feedback, gaining new clients, and making money), the only thing that notes a true failure is if you didn’t launch at all. 

Even if a launch is delayed — and girl, that happens — that’s ok. The finish line is still coming, it’s just a little further away than you might have anticipated. Listen, there is a reason people pay other people to help them project manage their launches in essentially every industry imaginable. That’s because it is nuanced. Each launch is different. Each successful execution requires different steps. Every business owner is unique. 

If you know you are ready to launch your “thing” but aren’t quite clear with the what, how, and when… I know just the place to start.

Check out my Craft Your Custom Launch program and see how together we can get really clear on all of the pieces you need to have a wildly successful launch. I know every business launch is different, which is why this offer is so customized. I will help you gain clarity around your goal, become crystal clear on your offer, create an individualized roadmap of everything that needs to happen to get it out there, and a jumpstart on some of the obstacles lingering in the business-building wings. At the end, you’re going to love your launch, and then we can do a happy dance.

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wing Your Launch & Make A Plan Instead

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wing Your Launch & Make A Plan Instead


Hey, look at you go. You’ve put in the work. You’ve put in the time. You’ve put in the energy. You have a shiny new offer or service just dying to be scooped up by your incredible clients and you can’t wait to spread the good word! Maybe you’re even toying with a launch date — dun, dun dun!

If that’s the case, you’re in the perfect position to start crafting your custom launch plan!  

In a dream world, your launch will go off without a hitch and the sales will pile in. I know you’re ready for it, which is why it’s important you plan this launch right.

Yup. I said it. You’ve gotta plan. At least, I really really encourage you to.

Even if you know your business inside and out… even if you can visualize exactly how this launch is going to go down… even if you’ve improvised before and it went perfectly fine… I promise with the right kind of planning and care, you can take your launch to an entirely new level.

Here’s why it’s better to plan your launch than to simply wing it.

Visionaries are great at visualizing, which is not the same thing as executing.

Having the plan in your head is one thing, but seeing it through is an entirely different ball game. Creative people are incredible at seeing “the big picture,” which makes their skillset unique and helpful to their clients. However, they’re susceptible to getting tripped up when it comes to things like troubleshooting, tackling individual tasks, and managing small details.

Taking the time to map out your launch up top might feel like it’s slowing your momentum in the beginning, but in reality, it will ensure a much smoother, streamlined launch in the long run. Make the nitty-gritty of your launch important so you’ll be able to plow through each step as they come, which will ultimately give you more freedom and quicker access to the “big picture” pay off!

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Do I sound like your parents? (Guess what. They were right on this one. Thanks, Mom.) No one ever had a business fail because they were too prepared. If your business model is to “just see how this goes…” you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to a wide range of roadblocks and challenges that could easily be avoided with extra project management.

Think of it as a day at the beach with or without sunscreen. Sure, in both scenarios you get the same payoff (a day at the beach), but one scenario comes with a whole lot more burn.

Never underestimate the last-minute scramble.

I’ll be honest – even with project management and launch mapping there is almost always a last minute detail or road bump that pops up and requires all of your time and all of your attention right now!!!! Do yourself a favor and get ahead of this, woman!

By leaving your launch wide open, you’re ultimately making space for business fires that will need to be put out before it’s all systems go. This means you’ll be scrambling at the last minute and burning the candle at both ends — or worse, late to launch! Give yourself the gift of time so there’s space and energy for troubleshooting if/when you need it!

Planning does not mean working harder, it means working *smarter.*

In all the work I’ve done with my amazing and totally different clients, I’ve found that a customized plan that caters to their unique pain points, challenges, and launches yields the most success. There is not a cookie-cutter “one-size fits all” launch plan, which is why it’s so important to take the time and identify what works best for you. Trying to mimic what you’ve seen other folks do or improvising each step in real time is ultimately neglecting one of the reasons you started your own business: to work the way that is best for you.

Trust someone who has made your launch her literal business: a customized road map to launching your offer will set you up for success (which means happy clients, a happy wallet, and a happy life)!

Let me show you how.

Planning in advance is one of the best gifts you can give your business (and yes, I have the holidays on my mind.) If you’re thinking of a November, December, or New Years launch, jump on my calendar now! I only have 1 spot available per month through the middle of Fall and we’ll need the time to get your customized launch plan in order! First-come, first-served, so don’t miss your chance!